Smart Glass compared to Smart Foil; the differences

Smart Glass and Smart Foil, these terms are often used interchangeably. Time for clarification.

The reason why Smart Glass and Smart Foil are often mentioned in the same breath is because they have an agreement. Both ensure that glass can change from transparent to opaque. For the layman, the difference is probably not immediately visible.

Smart Glass: laminated double glass

Smart Glass consists of two layers of laminated glass with a gel-layer PDLC in between. The glass can be switched on by means of a switch and the glass changes from opaque to translucent glass. At first glance it looks a lot like Privacy Foil.

Smart foil: smart and inexpensive

Smart foil is a scratch and impact-free foil with a layer of liquid crystals: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC). The crystals change from opaque to transparent by electric currents. This foil can be seamlessly glued (up to 150 cm wide, length 'unlimited') on one side on a window or glass wall.

Privacy Glass or Privacy Foil?
Smart Glass Foil
PDLC Film Foil
Privacy Foil or Sm art Glass?

Disadvantages of smart glass:

  1. Although it can be ordered custom in the factory, it can no longer be trimmed on site. No matter how carefully measured, in practice this often proves necessary for a perfect end result.
  2. More laborious (and therefore more expensive) than smart foil: first the glass plate must be cut to size, then the gel is lubricated on the plate and another custom-made glass plate is glued to it.
  3. The function of smart glass has become superfluous and do you want the window in question to always be transparent? Then the smart glass must always be 'on'. You see that disadvantage on the energy bill!
  4. No need for a blinded window? Then the entire smart glass wall must be removed and replaced with ordinary glass. This naturally requires a professional.
  5. A costly choice and that is partly because the material is pricey, the transport costs are high and the assembly is less easy.

The benefits of Smart Foil

  1. Flexible and can easily be trimmed on site. Experience has shown that walls, baseboards and corners are never exactly straight. With Smart foil you can no longer see that.
  2. Is cheaper to purchase and about a quarter of the price of smart glass.
  3. Is easy to ship. So there are no high transport costs involved and is therefore also better for the environment.
  4. Smart foil can easily be removed when redesigning the interior. For example, when the opaque function of the glass is no longer used. You can simply delete it yourself.
  5. Do you want only a portion of the glass to be opaque? Then you can go in all directions with smart foil! Ideal if you do want privacy but still have an open atmosphere.

As with most new products, improvements are developed over time. You can therefore safely see Smart Foil as the grown-up brother of Smart Glas. Smart Folie is the leading technical wholesaler specialized in high-quality Smart Foil and is always working on innovations and changes to improve its products.

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