Smart Box

3 functions in one
Smart Box brings PDLC Foil to life!
Developed in the Netherlands by Smart Folie
1 years warranty

What is Smart Box?

The PDLC Foil in combination with our Smart Box, it’s the way to stand out from the crowd and put your business, office, or store in the spotlight. Whether it’s about bringing a shop window to life after closing hours or making an eye-catcher of a trade show booth it’s possible with the Smart Box.

Want to stand out and be innovative, taking your visibility to the next level? Then the Smart Box is perfect. The creative possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us, we’d love to brainstorm with you!


Smart Box

The Smart Box creates a connection between the PDLC Foil and a video source. This allows you to control the PDLC Foil and choose what is displayed at any given time. Unlike printed visuals, this enables you to quickly switch between different content, advertisements, and messages, all remotely via your phone or tablet. Efficient, sustainable, and easy!

Works 24/7

Video is stored locally on the Smart Box


Our Smart Box is in combination with the PDLC Foil the best projection screen

Dynamic glass

During the day transparent glass, and in the evening you can use the same glass as a screen

Striking and innovative

Take your visibility to the next level

Minimalist solutions

No expensive LED walls or unsightly metal constructions within your premises.


Easily switch what you display and save on various posters and/or energy costs of a LED wall

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Technical specifications



5 Jaar


0 to 240 V AC


WIFI / 4g


van 0 tot +60 °C


1 Jaar




3-laags beveiliging


Van -20 tot +60 °C


5 V DC

0 V DC

MP4 H.264




FAT32 (read/write)


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Want to know more about the technical specs? Then download this brochure.

Smart Box Specs

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SmartBox heeft een aan en uit functie, deze functie is niet met iedere beeldscherm of beamer comptabel.

Standaard word er 1 jaar garantie afgegeven. 

SmartBox kan alleen samen met PDLC Folie bestel worden.