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Smart Foil

Smart foil or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (also known as PDLC film) is a unique foil that is glued to transparent surfaces - usually windows. The film can change the surface from transparent to opaque by means of a stream of electricity. Smart Foil can be operated very easily with a button or switch. That way you can determine at what times privacy is desired.

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Benefits of Smart Foil

Many office and business premises have spaces with a lot of glass. That looks nice and spatial, but the biggest disadvantage is the lack of privacy. The openness on the one hand gives a sense of confidence, but in certain cases it is more pleasant if you can close yourself off from the environment.

Parts of the glass are therefore covered with opaque foil in many office buildings. Not the nicest solution and removal is often very difficult.

Smart Foil is the perfect solution for spaces that are used for different purposes. Openness if possible, privacy if necessary.

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How does Smart Folie work?

Smart Foil is a layered foil product that consists of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) foil between two layers of foil and two conductive intermediate layers. There are liquid crystal parts between these layers that reposition themselves under the influence of electricity. This creates a transparent surface that you can look through. If you switch off the power, the PDLC particles again take an unordered position, so that the foil (and therefore the glass) becomes opaque again and you can no longer see through it.


Security & Certificates

Safety is at the top of the priority list in all our activities. The Smart Foil we use has been tested for safety in various ways and you can recognize our Smart Foil by the SF quality mark.


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