Privacy Glass or Privacy Foil

Are you looking for an efficient and aesthetic way to create privacy in a certain space? For example for a meeting room, consultation room or counter? Then you soon end up with privacy foil or privacy glass.

Privacy film and privacy glass are regularly confused with sun protection window film or film to blind car windows. Privacy foil is something completely different!

Adjustable privacy with the push of a button

Although there are important differences between Privacy Glass and Privacy Foil, they have one important feature in common: both ensure that a window, glass wall or panel can change from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.

So far the deal. However, there are more and very important differences. To make the right choice, we have listed them for you.

Privacy Foil: the most innovative development in blinded glass

Privacy Foil, alsoSmart Foilcalled (smart = smart!) is a high-quality film that can literally take a beating. This foil is provided with a layer of liquid crystals: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC). By sending electric currents through these crystals, they change from opaque to transparent and vice versa.

PDLC Film Foil

Privacy Glass: double-sided glass

Privacy Glass is not about smart foil that is stuck to an existing window or glass wall, but about new glass plates. Two layers of laminated glass with a gel-layer PDLC in between. The PDLC is activated by means of electricity and - just like with Smart Foil - it will transform the glass from opaque to transparent.

Privacy Glas is the precursor of the smarter Privacy Glas or smart foil and it is expected that Privacy Glas will disappear within a few years. Although for a layman it looks the same, all this has to do with the disadvantages compared to the innovative Privacy Foil.

Disadvantages of Privacy Glass:

  • Privacy glass can be neatly cut to size at the supplier. Unfortunately, nothing can be trimmed on location. This can result in bumps and minor imperfections that must be eliminated.
  • Privacy glass is therefore more expensive than privacy film. The glass plates must be cut to size, the gel with PDLC gel is lubricated on one plate and the other glass plate is stuck on it.
  • If you no longer need the privacy glass and you no longer want to blind the room, you will always have to keep the privacy glass on: a 'normal window' with hidden energy costs!
  • Needless to say that the transport costs of privacy glass are high and therefore it is not a responsible choice with regard to the environment.

All in all, foil is a more sustainable choice than glass. Privacy foil from Smart Folie will be further developed in the future, but the basis will not change much. It is sustainable, flexible and an ethical solution for spaces where you want to alternate privacy and openness in an attractive way.

Smart Folie is the leading technical wholesaler specialized in high-quality privacy foil and is always working on innovations and changes to improve its products.

The benefits of Privacy Foil or Smart Foil

The surface to be blinded is first accurately measured. The foil can then be cut to size exactly. This happens at the supplier so you don't have to worry about nuisance in your office.

  • Privacy Foil can be seamlessly glued (up to 150 cm wide and unlimited in length) on one side on a window or glass wall.
  • The foil can be cut very easily on site. This ensures that the finish is perfect down to the millimeter.
  • Due to all the developments it has gone through, Privacy Foil or Smart Foil is the most economical solution within the switchable privacy solutions.
  • Because Privacy Foil is easy to ship, unlike Privacy Glass, you do not have to deal with high transport costs.
  • Privacy Foil is therefore less harmful to the environment than Privacy Glass.
  • Reorganization on the way or change of interior? If the spaces have to be redesigned, privacy foil can easily be removed. You do not have to engage a company to remove it, you can easily do that yourself.
  • Privacy Glass or Privacy Foil what are the differences?
  • Privacy Glass or Privacy Foil

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